Post corona luck

This tour came about a while after coronas series of lock downs, where all plans got postponed. As one plan after another came back to life and touring was yet a gain a posibility, our new noise acquaintance Trine Krogstad of ROYAL SPACEPORN had also been thinking and planing to tour in Indonesia. Not only that, but she wanted to shape an exchange between Indonesia and the Nordic countries! Hell yes! 

This tour serves as a reseach and networking oportunity. 

Working title: NoiseConnection.

We (KENNEL) will be recording all the shows on this tour (Indonesia and Japan) towards a "KENNEL - live in South East Asia" release later on. While on the road we will record all the other local bands concerts providing lots of material for split releases too, this as a generous contribution towards the NoiseConnection networking tree. Providing a platform for promoting thise exchanges seems like a good idea at this time.


Double release!!!

"KENNEL - Live in Spain" and "True Norwegian Happy Noise"

Oslo release 14th Jan at Åpan Ild in HOTBOX!

sneak peak listen

Our debut album "True Norwegian Happy Noise" had its international release in Spain late October 2022. During these 10 gigs we recorded and mixed them all on the road. Coming home with enough material for several albums we made a selection, mastered it and put together an album cover just in time for the money holidays. These are both back to back DIY operations that we are immensly proud of and presents KENNEL as one hard to love sonic domination big smile fuck you; André Drage playing the drums on the threshold of passing out while Morten Minothi overloads sound systems to the brink of cockroach extinction. This shit is heavy!!!

"KENNEL - Live in Spain" and "True Norwegian Happy Noise" double release on the 14th of January 2023 on HOTBOX records and Krimzkrams. Releas show same night at the event Åpen Ild with a bunch of other bands playing.

For those who want to stream our music on all platforms our Live in Spain album only give you the first three tracks. But if you buy the CD or pay on Bandcamp you will get two bonus tracks (4 and 5). 


Debut album is out!!


Album to be released 29. sept on KrimsKramz followed by a tour of Spain 23. Oct - 2. Nov 2022

..with kind support from

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